Read more about the viral AR copy and paste application: ClipDrop

Welcome the new app to the world of technology: ClipDrop.

ClipDrop is an application that allows your phone’s camera to capture the pictures of your surrounding objects and place it with ease into your desktop apps. The app is now out for you to give it a try.

It is unique technique of AR. You can see that it physical world digital in contrast to projecting digital images onto the world you live in.

Some promotional videos of the app have been released. The video shows the app taking snaps of everything and pasting them into documents as cropped objects.

Just Clip and Drop into documents

Moreover, you can even import images or even text from books. One instance is capturing text and placing it into a variety of websites including Photoshop.

There ClipDrop has a plugin with which objects can be dropped in as a separate layer with an editable mask. Some other apps to which you can import pictures from ClipDrop include Google Docs, Canva, PowerPoint, and Figma. Also, you can simply use it for your daily purposes, and share them normally as you would within your iOS or Android.

Not only iOS and Android, it is also available for Windows and macOS. In this way you can quickly pick up images from your desktop or the web and place them in your documents.

The idea for ClipDrop was first introduced as a tech demo back in May. And it rapidly attracted a lot of attention. The developers, Cyril Diagne and Jonathan Blanchet, informed that they have over 100,000 people in waiting list. For what you say? Well, to try out this innovative software. So the developers have toiled hard to make this demo in to a real world working application. In other words, a commercial product.

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Mind you though, the app is still in its beta version. So do not be agitated if you come across any bugs or issues.

The pricing of the software

With the download of the application, you can clip up to five pictures. But for more, you need a subscription.

ClipDrop is currently tagged at $39.99 per year. However, after November 20th the price will go up to $79.99 per year, or $9.99 per month. But you can clip text for free. So that is a relief atleast.


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