Philadelphia Riots: Unrest and Violent Protests Around Philadelphia After COPS Shot a BLACK MAN

The Philadelphia cops fatally shoot a black man who was holding a knife after he refused to put the knife down. The death of 27-year-old black man, Walter Wallace has now sparked the tension and riots around the city. BLM protests and police brutality has been a common subject over the few months, and again the annoyed black community has taken things to streets. The Philadelphia riots started after the brutal shooting went viral all over the social media.

Cops fired a black man 10 times.

The reports claimed that the incident occurred on Locust St. before 4 p.m. on Monday afternoon. Police Department’s spokesperson reported that they encountered a black holding a knife and refusing to let go of it. The police officers at the scene tried to convince the man to drop the knife, but he didn’t refuse. Wallace’s disobedience prompted two officers to act.

The victim died at the Penn Presbyterian Medical Center after he was rushed to the Medical Center. Wallace’s father, Walter Wallace Sr. mentioned that the two police officers fired the shots 10 times. The bystanders recorded the whole incident. They even yelled at the police to control the situation through another way instead of drawing the guns.

A report mentioned that Wallace’s mother tried to convince the police officers not to shoot her son. She even chased her son and begged the law enforcement officers not to shoot him down. Walter’s father was furious at the reckless decision of the police officers. He said they should have tasered him instead of killing in cold blood.

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A Twitter user uploaded another video on Twitter where the victim marched towards the police officers with a knife in his hand. However, a bystander and witness mentioned that Wallace never lunged the knife at the officers. Several witnesses yelled the officers not to shoot and told them that they know the guy and he would put the knife down.

The shooting Sparked Philly Riots.

Soon after the video went viral, the local people around Philadelphia started riots all around the city. The Philadelphia riots then turned into a night of carnage after people stormed, torched squad cars, and charged police officers. The reports claimed that several organized protests debuted on the streets of Philadelphia, where people chanted “Black Lives Matter”. ABC News reported that the protesters not only charged police officers but also sparked the Philadelphia riots and started looting the local businesses.

At least 30 police officers injured until early Tuesday in the Philadelphia riots.

The early report mentioned that around 300 people first started BLM protest, but later they turned violent. An unfortunate 56-year-old female officer was horribly run by a car, and she suffered a broken leg. The incident was captured in a video near the 52nd and Walnut Streets. Along with the woman, at least 30 police officers were injured during the Philly riots.

A police spokesperson later announced that the injured police officers are currently in a stable condition. However, the woman who was hit by a car had a broken leg. The cops are now discharged from the hospitals after receiving immediate treatment. A video uploaded on Twitter showed a police SUV on fire, near 52nd and Market Streets.

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Cops have arrested 33 people in connection with the violence.

The department also announced that they have arrested around 33 locals responsible for violence during the Philadelphia riots. They are primarily charged with assaulting police officers, looting, and rioting. These violent protesters also looted various clothing store, pharmacies, and a restaurant. Various clothes and shoes are scattered around the streets.

CBS Philadelphia reported that protesters attacked University City police station, smashed the windows, and painted ACAB — All Cops are Bastards. Furthermore, they even bashed the screens of two or more ATMs, around the city. Philadelphia Police Commissioner Danielle Outlaw announced that the investigation is already underway for the shooting as well as violence caused in the Philadelphia riots.





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