Apple plans to launch improved AirPods for next year

According to Bloomberg, Apple is planning to release revamped versions of AirPods and AirPods Pro. And the first is said to be out by next year.

Apparently, both will have totally new designs including updates wireless chips. It is rumoured that Apple’s most awaited over-ear headphones are still a work in progress. Additionally, the company is planning to unveil a third HomePod speaker. The next HomePod will be priced between the $299 HomPod and the $99 HomePod mini.

What will be changes to the new AirPods?

As per the speculations, Apple could remove the stem from its design. In fact it has been a part of the design since their debut in 2016.

The new version will still retain the noise cancellation feature while the design will be similar to Samsung Galaxy Buds Plus or Google Pixel Buds.

The entry level AirPods will have all the features of the AirPods Pro design the exception being they will have shorter stem and replaceable ear tips. Moreover, enhanced battery life is also said to be included in the revamped version. The third gen buds which follow the second gen shall be out in the world as early as next year.

Apart from the true wireless AirPods, it is reported that Apple’s over-ear headphones are under development. Apparently, the design has changed to decrease the side of the external touch pads and also the amount of swappable parts it has. Although the expendable earpads might stay, the headband might not.

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The headphones were supposed to go to production a few weeks ago. However, it was delayed since there was an issue that the headband was too tight.

The third HomePod too might be on the way

Now coming to the debut of the new HomePod. According to Bloomberg, the company is allegedly going to add a new HomePod speaker to its line-up. The new speaker will be the third one of its kind. Nevertheless, it is still not confirmed and it is still a work under progress. We do not even know if the next gen HomePod will be released or not.

It seems that the new AirPods shall inherit some of its traits from its ancestor too, the Pros.

Stay tuned for more updates.


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