Lightweight Blue Light Blocking Glasses only $16.95 (59% off)

These Lightweight Blue Light Blocking Glasses with great reviews are on sale for only $16.95 (59% off) with the Amazon Deal of the Day. Precisely engineered to reduce eye strain from computer screens. The glasses come with a case, as well.

Computer Glasses

In today’s market, the average consumer has been lead to believe that all blue light blocking glasses are “computer glasses”. This is simply not correct. Computer glasses, as they are defined by an eye care professional, should have, at the very least, a slight magnification in the lenses. This magnification (or whichever power your eye doctor may prescribe you) is essential to reducing eye strain and fatigue.

Our eyes naturally come together a bit when we focus on something up close and keeping our eyes in this position can cause our eye muscles to fatigue, making it harder to keep focused. The power in the lens provides some much-needed assistance by helping keep your eyes in that converged position.

Blue Light Blocking Glasses

Blue light blocking glasses due just as they say; they block blue light. There are so many options available these days that it can be quite overwhelming. Truth is though, they all do the same basic thing. They come at different price points and in different styles but in the end, they don’t do much more than just block out blue light.

For some people, this is just fine. Others can’t tolerate the power found in computer glasses so they stay with non-powered blue light blockers. Most, unfortunately, have gone this route because they don’t know the difference and have been following the guide of product manufacturers telling them this will solve all their Digital Eye Strain (DES) problems. Since DES has more to do with tired eye muscles and not blue light exposure, I’d have to say most companies are misleading consumers.

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