OnePlus sold $14 million worth OnePlus 8T in just a minute

OnePlus has succeeded in making quite a fanbase for itself in past few years. The company has made some of the fastest Android flagship phones ever. And has always undercut its competition in pricing. The Chinese giant recently launched its new ‘flagship killer’, the OnePlus 8T. And as expected, OnePlus has sold a ton of these mobiles. And by a ton, I mean 90 tons in 10 minutes.

Many people said that the 8T offers no significant upgrade over its predecessor. But, it looks like they were wrong.

$14 million in 1 minute

The OnePlus 8T went on sale in China on 19th October. The company announced on Weibo later that day, that OnePlus had sold around $14 million worth OnePlus 8T in just a minute of the sale.

But wait, the flexing doesn’t stop here. OnePlus further revealed that the amount went up to around $29 million in the next 10 minutes.

Now, the OnePlus 8T is available at around $508 for an 8GB RAM variant. And around $553 for the 12GB RAM variant. (This is OnePlus 8T’s price in China.)

So, after doing the calculation, Oneplus has sold around 30,000 units of OnePlus 8T in its first minute of sale. And in the next 10 minutes, the number rose up to 90,000 units.

This might be the result of the fact that the ‘T’ model was available at a lower price than its predecessor. The ‘T’ model offers some significant upgrade over the non-T model and maybe that propelled it to success.

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