Mirzapur Season 2 ENDING EXPLAINED, Brace Yourself For Next Bloodbath and Revenge When Mirzapur Returns For Season 3

The wait is finally over for those fans who have been waiting for the second season of Mirzapur for two years. Amazon Prime Video dropped the 10-episode season 2 on 22nd October, a day earlier than the release date. Ever since th first season ended on a bloodbath cliffhanger, fans were wondering how would the protagonist of the show take their revenge and who will rule over Mirzapur.

Mirzapur Season 2 Storyline

The second season kicked-off right from the ending of first season thrilling finale. The protagonist of the series, Guddu Pandit, lost his beloved brother, Bablu Pandit and wife, Sweety during the wedding massacre. The massacre was orchestrated by the notorious son, Munna of the current ruler of Mirzapur, Akhandanand Tripathi, aka Kaleen Bhaiya. Munna horribly slaughtered Bablu Pandit by shooting straight into his skull. The second season was always about revenge and overthrowing Tripathis from the throne of Mirzapur.

Mirzapur Season 2 Ending Explained

As expected there was a bloodbath and many deaths in season 2. Few notable characters died in the second season including Guddu’s trusted henchmen, Babar, Kaleen Bahiya’s father Bauji, Tyagi Sr., Chief Minister and Munna Tripathi.

Beena kills Bauji

The thrilling season finale started with a furious Maqbool entering the Tripathi’s mansion in order to avenge the death of his mother and nephew Babar Khan. When he was about to slaughter Bauji, Beena Tripathi intervened and asked Maqbool that she would kill him off. Bauji sexually assaulted Beena after discovering her affair with a house servant, Raja. Beena marched forward to kill Bauji, but again Radhiya (housemaid) intervened and told her to kill with a huge meat cleaver. Radhiya was also a victim of sexual assault at the hands of Bauji. Beena then started to butcher Stayanand Tripathi with a cleaver.

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One of the Tyagi brothers is dead, but which one?

Elsewhere in Bihar, Dadda and Bharat Tyagi discovered Bharat’s younger twin brother, Shatrugan is selling opium in the area despite Dadda ordering not to. As a punishment, Dadda orders Tyagi Junior to kill his mother’s brother, Raghu, but he cannot pull the trigger. Nonetheless, Dadda orders his elder son to finish him off. However, Junior interrupt and pulls the gun towards his brother in an attempt to save Raghu. Soon after things get messy and the two brothers ensue in duel killing one of the brothers. When Dadda yells Senior then, one of the brothers wakes up and respond to him.

But in the post-credits, it is hinted that senior Tyagi actually died and junior imposed his dead brother as they were wearing the same clothes.

Guddu vs. Kaleen Bhaiya vs. Munna vs. Shukla

After discovering the death of Bauji, Kaleen holds a funeral near a remote area by the river. Beena informs Guddu and Golu that the Tripathis are now weak and the funeral might be a great time to knock them off. Beena, on the other hand, ordered Raju, the actual father of Beena’s newborn child to finish Munna. Munna overpowered Raju and killed him, but before dying, Raju lied that Kaleen Bhaiya ordered him to murder Munna.

Raju told Munna that Kaleen Bhaiya knew Munna ordered compounder in season 1 to kill Kaleen Bhaiya. Now devastated and angry Munna sets to kill Kaleen Bhaiya. He also asks Shukla for help, but Shukla double-crosses Munna and informs Kaleen Bhaiya. Kaleen Bhaiya awaits his son to come and sends all henchman away with Beena. Munna arrives but couldn’t kill his father. Kaleen Bhaiya then tells Munna that Munna would be taking his role while he will be taking his father’s role.

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The father-son duo come at peace, but at the same time, Guddu and Golu arrive to take their revenge. They mortally injure Kaleen Bhaiya and kill Munna the same way he killed his brother in Season 1. When Guddu turns back to kill Kaleen Bhaiya, Shukla takes him and run away from the scene. Before Guddu arrived at the shootout, his father killed police officer Maurya as the officer was trying to kill Guddu wrongfully.

Guddu is the King of Mirzapur

Guddu then returns to the mansion and sits on the chair (gaddi) for which everyone in the show has been fighting. He previously had a deal with Beena that he will be the King of Mirzapur until her newborn son becomes worthy.

You can watch Mirzapur Season 1 and 2, all episodes on Amazon Prime Video. 



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