Deal: Microsoft Surface Duo is available at an unbelievable price

Microsoft Surface Duo is one of the most interesting mobiles this year. If it wasn’t for the LG Wing, Surface Duo would have been the most innovative phone of this year. Even though the Fold from Samsung has a similar concept in mind. The Surface did it way better despite having two different screens. And on top of that Duo had that legendary Surface design language of Microsoft which made the mobile look gorgeous.

$200 price cut

The Surface Duo was launched for $1399. But now, om Microsoft Store it’s available for just $1199.

Microsoft Surface Duo though quite similar to Samsung’s Fold, is a completely new concept. While Samsung used a single screen and folded it. Microsoft went the other route and used two separate screens. This makes multitasking very easy. Youn can rotate the device all the other way around and use just a single screen, or use both if you want to multitask.

Having two separate glass displays also increases durability. Which is a very big concern in Samsung’s single plastic display.

The only demerit of Surface Duo is its last-gen specs. The device is powered by a Snapdragon 855 CPU and just 6GB of RAM. In a device that is meant for multitasking, RAM should definitely have been more. But, thankfully 6GB of RAM is just enough to let this device run smoothly.

At this $1199 price point, the Surface Duo is a great mobile for all Surface fans. And if you are someone who uses Microsoft Office a lot, this mobile is a must for you.

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