A brand new update in Zoom: Here is marketplace by Zoom

To keep up its reputation in the lockdown, Zoom introduced a new feature called the marketplace. Coined as OnZoom, it lets us monetize and schedule our events and meetings. It also brought in another feature. It now allows third-party app integration. So other apps like Asana can integrate.

Marketplace by Zoom called OnZoom

In OnZoom, you can notice a platform “event discovery and monetization”. Here it is easier to virtual events going on in the whole array of categories available. These categories range from online lectures and stand-up to interesting cooking shows.

Mainly any feature that you have been using till now in Zoom will still be available. The only difference will be the addition of built-in tools for the purpose of selling tickets and promotions.

In order to host events, you as an organizer would need a paid account, but anyone in this world can watch them.

However, the number of attendees will be limited according to the organizer’s paid account. So there can be a maximum of 1000 participants.

Payments can be carried out through PayPal or credit card. And you can buy gifts in the form of tickets to various events. Right now, OnZoom is only available in the US and that too as a beta version. Probably by 2021, it will expand enormously all over the world.

Third-party app integration: Now you can easily access your documents in Dropbox 

The next feature to look into is the third party integration. What does this mean?

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Basically, this means that you can do things like access tasks in Asana or documents stored in Dropbox without switching the window.

The company even has a name for this feature of third party integration. It is….(wait for it….) “Zapps”. I know it is not that interesting. But still let us just go with the flow.

Some of the companies that are building such apps are:

Asana, Dropbox, Coursera, Kahoot, SurveyMonkey, Unsplash, and Zendesk.

The company said the following in a press release:

“Zapps help surface all the applications you need to be productive and enable the free flow of information between teams before, during, and after the meeting. Think of Zapps as an app store right where you need it most — in a Zoom meeting, chat, webinar, phone call, and even your contacts directory.”

Kahoot became very popular during the lockdown among educational institutions and others too for its quizzes. This step of integrating Kahoot with Zoom will indeed be very smooth.

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