Which online meeting app is better? – Zoom vs Google Meet

At this point in Quarantine, when everyone is at home and work is lacking, online meetings have become necessary for people. So many online meeting apps have been represented in this Quarantine. Many apps have been revealed but not every app can be entrusted. So some apps have become publicly famous in the app store. Every app has different features and different controls. Out of these, there are 2 most famous apps for the meeting – Zoom and Google Meet. Let’s compare them, which one you should use.


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One of the most famous apps for online meetings, Zoom was launched in September 2012. In the app store and currently has 100 million+ downloads at Google play store with a rating of 3.6 stars. It is available both on PC and Smartphone. In Zoom, on the very first window, you will see 2 options excluding from settings – Join the meeting and Sign in. To join a meeting you need to have its code, you can keep any name until you haven’t signed in. Some meetings also add passwords to keep meeting securely. In the meeting, you have many options. If you are a presenter, you can manage a meeting in your way. As a participant, you have not much but enough options as a participant like Mute – Unmute, Turn on the camera, Raise hand, Chat(Personal and Public both), and react by emojis.

Google Meet

Google Meet is an app launched by Google in March 2017 in the Google app store and currently has 100 million+ downloads with a 3.2-star rating. It can’t be downloaded on PC but it can run on Google chrome. On the home screen, it provides you with a camera and mic to check. It doesn’t need to sign in to join a meeting, on the home page it provides two options – Create a New meeting and join by entering code. In the meeting, it has 3 bars – Participants, Chat(Only that with everyone), and info of the meeting.

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By comparing them with each other, It can be easily said that Zoom is easier to use than Google Meet.

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