UN Arms Deal with Iran Continues Despite Opposition from the US

 More than one decade-long U.N. arms deal with Iran which barred it from purchasing foreign weapons. These included weapons such as tanks and fighter jets. The respective deal expired on Sunday. As was planned under its nuclear deal. the deal was made with world powers. This was in spite of serious objections from the United States of America. Who continues to insist that the ban remains in place.

Whereas Iran maintains that it plans no “buying spree.” It can now in theory purchase weapons to upgrade military armaments. Those dating back to before its 1979 Islamic Revolution. It can also sell its own locally produced gear abroad.

In practicality, however, the Iranian economy remains heavily crippled. This is due to the broad-reaching U.S. sanctions. Along with many other nations who avoid arms deals with Tehran. This is for the fear of financial retaliation from America. The Trump administration has continuously warned that any sales of weapons or armaments to Iran or exports from Iran will be penalized.

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