Raji – Game popularizing the Indian culture

India is not a good country in Technology and does not develop many games that become famous in the world. But one of the companies in Pune call nodding heads games has developed a game that is becoming worldwide famous and is also spreading the Ancient History of India with high quality and a great story. This game reflects the Myths and Lores of India the world. This game is none other than the newly launched, Raji: An Ancient Epic.


Raji: An Ancient Epic is a recent launch game based on a Prehistoric legend of a girl. Raji on the journey to save his brother from Demons. This game was launched on 18 August 2020 for Nintendo Switch and came on Steam on 15 October 2020 and cost 539 Rs. Raji is a nice game with high graphics and a great storyline. In this game, the story of Raji the girl is narrated by the Goddess Durga that how Raji came to fight the villainous demon, Mahabalasura.


 The game starts with Durga introducing Raji and her little brother. Golu entering a carnival and before Golu’s performance, Raji took him aside and told him it’s Raksha Bandhan while showing Rakhi. In Golu’s performance, he narrates the story of the demon Mahabalasura. “He meditated dedicatedly to get blessings of Brahma and a Mighty weapon and he succeeded too. But then he started wars and killed people to gain power, he even killed Bhumi Devi which enraged lord Shiva and he stopped the region of Mahabalasura” as soon ask Golu stop narrating the sky went black and the carnival got attack by some Demons who took Golu.

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Raji did her best to save her brother but she got unconscious. After she woke up, she found herself in the temple of Goddess Durga. She prayed to Goddess Durga who answered her prayer. Goddess Durga told her that her brother is being Kidnapped by Mahabalasura. Goddess Durga gave her some blessings and the mighty weapon Trishul of Durga. From there on, Raji started a journey of saving her brother and ending the region of Mahabalasura.

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