Google to make it easier to find voting locations in US through search and Assistant

Google is always presenting us with new inventions, right? Well, it is back with yet another one.

Now you can find your nearest voting centre via its smart assistant, Google search, and Google Maps. This is to help the citizens of USA to find the locations ahead of elections which are to be held next month.

Hey Google, where do I vote?

Just type out “early voting locations” or “ballot boxes near me” in the search box. Voila! It will return you the details of where you can cast your vote in person or mail-in ballots.

If you ask your smart speaker where to vote it will soon present you with relevant information on your smart phone, smart display or speaker. Just say, “Hey Google, where do I vote?”.

After you have found a location suitable for you, Google Maps shall help you reach there by providing you with the directions. In addition to this, it will deliver you the details regarding the voting hours. Additionally, it will also give you some tips for you. This is to make sure that your ballot is completed and sealed before submitting it.

Since this is a very critical time due to the coronavirus pandemic, all this information about the voting places is very essential. And also because of the same reason, it is expected that many voters this year will use mail-in ballots.

Partnership with the Voting Information Project

Google has partnered with the Voting Information Project to get all the required information about the voting locations. Apparently, it plans to list about 200,000 voting centres nationwide. If you do not know, the Voting Information Project is a partnership between Democracy Works and state election officials.

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Let’s say this data and information is unavailable directly. Then, the company says that the users will be automatically redirected to the state and local election websites.

Recently, in August Google was criticized for not removing misleading ads about voting by mail.

Together with actively assisting the citizens to make their voting process easier, Google is also attempting to root out any misinformation that may come our way. This includes the claims about mail-in voting.

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