Google Is Making Changes; It is Now Killing Another One Of Its Apps In The Year 2020.

Just like the year 2020 has not been a great year for the entire world, seems like it hasn’t been for Google as well. Google has shut down or killed plenty of its apps this year. There are apps which existed when the year started but don’t exist anymore. The list is on an ever-increasing high. Now, Google has decided to kill another one of its apps. This time its Trusted Contacts. This app will reportedly be shunned out of Google Play Store starting December 1st. This report was given by Android Police.

Trusted Contacts was launched in 2016. Just like the other Google apps, it was too updated with some additional features over the years. However, Goggle now thinks that this app has run its course in time and phone. Therefore, Google has decided to discontinue it. The app will no longer be available starting December 1st. However, the application has already been pulled out of Google Play and App store. The users who’re already using this app can use it till December 1st. After December 1st, the app will no longer be supported, and they will be forced to delete it. The reason they have been given the data of December 1st is that they can download the list of everything they have shared.

Applications That Google Has Killed In The Year 2020.

Google is killing apps like people kill monsters in a game. There is no secret that Google these apps need a replacement or maybe they’re just too outdated in today’s world. In a world where we have four models of iPhone 12. So what apps has Google killed? Here’s a list of them we’ve also mentioned what they were used for. Some of these apps are also a part of Google+

  1. Inbox by Gmail: Inbox collected emails from the same subject together. It highlighted the messages’ surface key specifics. It also allowed users to monitor alerts, assists, and snooze features as relevant content appears.
  2. Google URL Shortener: It was launched in December 2009, initially used for Google Toolbar and Feedburner. The company launched a separate website, goo.gl, in September 2010. The replacement extension can be found here.
  3. Google Allo: Google Allo was an instant messaging smartphone app from Google for the Android and iOS mobile operating systems, with a browser interface available on Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, and Opera.
  4. Chromecast Audio: One can stream songs from their device to your speakers with the Google Chromecast Audio Media Streaming Device. However, it plugs into your speakers to let you stream music over Wi-Fi from your laptop. Using a laptop or Chromebook on your iPhone, iPad, Android phone and mobile, Mac and Windows.
  5. YouTube Gaming: YouTube Gaming was part of an attempt in the gaming content industry to challenge Twitch’s dominance. YouTube has given its own portion of the website to gaming. So now, along with YouTube Live, movies, and shows, users can now find it under “more from YouTube,”
  6. Areo: Google Areo was a new app in India for ordering food or household services.  Users can also pay via the app, indicated by the definition, through the card, net banking, or cash on delivery.
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