Finally, iPhone users can add music to their snaps in Snapchat

Trying to be afoot with Tik Tok and Instagram, Snapchat finally allowed the iOS users to add music to their snaps. The app was updated, and a new feature called “Sounds” is the new addition to the update. The company said in a statement that, iOS users around the globe shall be able to include popular music into their snaps.

Currently, the feature is already in use in New Zealand and Australia.

The feature shall be available soon across many other regions

The company promised in August while it was testing, that it will be enabled in many more different regions. However, there is no official statement regarding the availability of this feature on Android devices.

In addition to that, users can also add their own sounds. In the near future, the feature shall roll out all over the world.

When compared to Tik Tok, Snapchat does not have a feed to display the music videos and content going viral at that moment. Instead it will mainly bring about tighter social webs between the users.

Just swipe up to get all the details about the audio

For example, let us say you receive a snap with music. You can view all the details about the audio by simply swiping up. The name of the artist, song title, and the album art shall be displayed as the details. You can even enjoy the complete song on Spotify, SoundCloud, etc, by selecting “Play This Song” option.

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The company called its music catalogue “robust and curated”. However did not reveal how vast the library is going to be. Additionally, the company added that the tracks cover tracks from companies like Warner Music Group, Universal Music Publishing Group, and BMG Music Publishing. This can mean that the collection might get more extensive after a short time.

Snapchat is late to the music party. In 2019, Instagram added the music stickers feature. And now recently in August, it unveiled a tough competitor to Tik Tok, coined as Reels.

Tik Tok still retained and gained its set of popularity through the followers of Snapchat, Those users are mainly teenagers and young adults. So the music feature added to Snap might not be a hit, if the users decide to stick to Tik Tok.


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