China Has Now Passed A New Export Law; It Protects Vital Technology United States Over National Security Concerns

Just when the world was busy protecting its information from China, China is also now busy protecting their information. China is protecting its information from the world, but is taking revenge from the United States. China has passed a new law which is put in place in order to protect the information which is available online. The new law restricts sensitive exports to protect national security. This move adds to the policy tools. This move will be the move which results in increased tensions between China and the United States. Especially in regards to the technology, in which tensions continue to rise.

This law was passed by the Chinese legislature on Saturday. It comes into effect from December 1st. There is a reason they’ve given a months time to enforce the law. The reason being this gives Bejing enough time to take reciprocal measures. However, reciprocal measures will be taken against countries that abuse export controls. As well as, pose a threat to national security.

Technical data related to items covered will also subject to export controls. This is according to the published law. This measure definitely gives Bejing the upper hand. How? you may ask. Well here are the reasons

How Bejing Has The Upper Hand With The Passing Of It’s New Law

  1. It gives Bejing more hit back room with the United States President Donald Trump’s war on Chinese tech. The White House going against popular and major Chinese platforms like TikTok and WeChat.
  2. It also includes tech giant Huawei and chipmaker Semiconductor Manufacturing International Corp.
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The new law was formated to safeguard national security and interests. This law adds to China’s regulatory toolkit. This toolkit also involves a restriction catalogue of tech exports and an unreliable entity list.

“Where any country or region abuses export control measures to endanger the national security and interests of the People’s Republic of China, (it) may take reciprocal measures,” the Chinese law states.

This means that Chinese authorities will formulate and adjust an export control list of items to be published in a timely manner. However, foreign individuals, as well as groups, will also be the ones who can be found liable for violating export control rules.

The Economic Relationship

The economic relationship between the capital Of China, Bejing and the capital Of the United States, Washington are not the best. The reason they aren’t the best is because of President Donald Trump. Trump’s unprecedented campaign of tariffs, threats of bans, as well as, the sanction of Chinese tech firms.

It is no secret that President Donald Trump is facing a tough re-election campaign ahead of polls next month. The US officials have described measures against China as national security safeguards — prompting a backlash from Beijing.

China released a long-anticipated “unreliable list of individuals” in September. It is generally seen as a retaliatory tool against the US. This was used its own “entity list” to shut Huawei out of the US market. The month before that, China’s Ministry of Commerce stepped up regulations on export-restricted technology, adding “civilian use” to the list.

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