A Brief Politics Lesson, What is Liberty in Society?

What is liberty and why it is essential in the free social order?
“Technically speaking”,  liberty falls under two classes

Civil liberty, which consists of:-

  1. Liberty of movement or movement without arrest.
  2. Liberty of speech
  3. And the Liberty of action

Now, the first kind is truly fundamental and most essential. there can be no doubt about it. The second kind can also be called freedom of opinion and is necessary for the progress of intellectual, moral, political, and social, and where it does not exists originality, even the most necessary is discouraged. And the Liberty of action means doing what one likes to do. But it is specific and limited to some extent and there is no means of taking advantage of it. Real liberty of action exists where there is no suppression of one caste by others where there is no unemployment, where a person is free from losing his job, his home, and food in consequence of his action. 

(In my opinion ) This means that there is no liberty of action anywhere in this world.

Political liberty:

Political liberty consists of the right of an individual in the framing of laws and making and unmaking of government.
And in turn, the governments are responsible for protecting, regulating, and encouraging the civil liberty of its citizens.
(In my opinion) Most of the countries until the mid of the twentieth century did not allow women to vote, including some countries which still do not allow this right.
So, in today’s world democracy, true liberty still does not exists.
And it can never exist with all the discrimination on the basis of sex, caste, religion, or any other origins that exist in society.
People say that they are living in freedom, but true freedom comes with equality, not hierarchy.


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