WB Says 12 Billion Dollars Approved For Vaccines

The World bank has approved a sum of 12 billion dollars for the global pandemic. The emergency release of funds comes as a reaction to the ongoing spread of the coronavirus. Covid-19 has become a major issue for countries all over the world.

Even though Russia has approved 2 vaccines yet there seem to be some reservations. these reservations emerge as Russias vaccines are not considered to be very safe. there have been many people suggesting that the vaccines by Russia do not mean safety standards that are required to be met by a vaccine for any disease.  This may play a massive issue in time. Looking at the despair and destruction caused by the virus in the international community, hence international organizations are stepping up. In these times international cooperation and monetary aid from international organizations is the need of the hour. If the resources of the various nations are pooled into the right areas then the world might just make it over the virus without facing more destruction.

The World bank had also issued more money for developing countries both fight the virus and bring their economies to pre covid levels. The aims of the organization seem to be very noble. however we have already seen one international organization fail in WHO, hence it is quite early to make assumptions.

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