The top platforms and websites to master Python Programming as a beginner

The first question you might want to ask is, why should we learn Python?

Well, there are numerous reasons for that, I assure you. To start off, it is an in demand skill right now in the industry. Next, it is a versatile programming language. Which means, it is used in various domains. Web Development, Data Science, Machine Learning, AI, and Data Mining are just some of the areas where Python is used. Most of all, it is easier to learn compared to other programming languages. Well if these points pique your interest, here are some places where you can start learning Python and master your way through it.


This is the place where you have the original documentation of the Python Programming language. When you are a beginner this is a pretty good place to start. And you get complete access to all the materials free of cost. You can begin right from the basics. Also, if you want to get into more advanced topics like Python libraries, you can do that too.


Want to enhance your knowledge of Python Programming? Then Udemy is the one for you. It will take you starting from the beginner level to being an expert. You can test your knowledge and skills with the coding exercises that are given to you. Additionally, you can also learn how to create your favourite games like Tic Tac Toe and Blackjack. In order to start your learning process, you need to create an account first. Moreover, you will awarded with a course completion certificate after you have successfully finished the course.

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To begin learning Python, there is no other better place than Codedcademy. They allow you to put whatever you have learnt into practice. It gives you a free code editor where you can write your own code and practice, practice, and practice. After all, practice makes a man perfect. If you are a fan of interactive learning, then Codecademy will lead your way. But first, you need to create an account on the website to start your learning process. And also, you can also master other languages like JavaScript, C++, etc.


There is no need for explanation, I presume. Who doesn’t know Coursera right?! Here, you will be taught by professors from the top universities like Stanford, NUS etc. You do not have to pay anything (But if you wish to get certified you have to pay an amount). The course Python – Programming for Everybody (Getting Started with Python) will begin from zero then proceed upwards.

Google’s Python Class

Google’s Python Class by Google contains an excellent set of resources to learn Python. If you have a little programming experience and wish to improve them, this is for you. This class includes written tutorials, videos, and loads of coding exercises to practice. Here, you do not need to create any account. All the videos are available on YouTube.



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