Kim Jong Un Promises New Homes

Despite growing financial issues the leader of North Korea has decided to build 25000 new homes. This comes as a reaction to the many people who have lost their homes and their livelihood due to the ongoing pandemic which is taking over the world. The citizens have been carrying out an 80-day economic challenge.

A Push to ensure that their nations can rise out of the pandemic stronger than before. there have been many measures taken by the leader and the people with him to ensure this happens perfectly. ht or at least shown in a positive light. This is one of the very few instances that news about the happenings inside the country is coming out and the world is getting to know more and more about them.

Last week Kim had launched an 80-day push challenge to ensure economic growth and economic stability in the region. this will ensure that nation tides over the pandemic. This will also hopefully resolve the various financial problems faced by the people of the country. North Korea is a communist nation which is ruled under an iron fist of their leader Kim Jong Un has long been the leader of this nation.

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