Beats Flex Earbuds Undertook With Apple’s New H1 Chip

Despite retaining the similar chip existing in the BeatsX prototype, there are some modifications from the former interpretation.

On the similar day of the iPhones’ blastoff, Beats put up with the relief to declare openly its current headset model. The Beats Flex is the beneficiary to the BeatsX headphone. It gives rise to an H1 chip from Apple, requests an extended artillery life, and has a powerful price of $49.

Beats is a corporation with Apple as its “parent brand”. This implies that it utilizes a similar technology currently in the accepted equipment of the Cupertino firm. Heretofore not the chargers are occurring exported on the fresh smartphone line, the headphones are furthermore nonexistent. Therefore, an economical alternative than AirPods may be agreeable.


The headphones characteristic Apple’s H1 chip. This demonstrates that across-the-board accomplishment is the equivalent to that attending on AirPods. There are substantial differences in the method, but the audio belief pursues the exact personality. Despite remembering the exact chip existing in the BeatsX model, there live some modifications from the old interpretation. The main one is in its battery. From eight hours extended, it went to 12 hours. This is a considerable improvement in autonomy time distinguished to the new production. Its information is, however, USB Type-C.


Beats Flex is accessible for $49, which is approximately Rs 3,600, without contemplating apparent payments and taxes. The firm guarantees that the recent prototypes will commence shipping from October 21 through Apple’s accepted website. Approved traders will be eligible to peddle the prototypes after 20 November.

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