New HomePod Mini; Touch Panel, Ultra Wide Band Technology Is Now Here! Glance At The Price, And Specifications

Apple’s new smart speaker is here! Its called the HomePod Mini. This HomePod mini is slightly different than the others. We will get into that later, but the main point to note here is that it is launched alongside the iPhone 12. It was launched during the ‘Hi Speed’ event on Tuesday. According to the name, it is very obvious that the HomePod mini about half the size of the original HomePod. The original HomePod was released in the year 2017. The HomePod mini, however, has the same design as the original HomePod, just in a smaller version with a few additions.

One of the additions is the new light-emitting touch panel on the top. This touch panel has an Ultra WideBand (UWB) capabilities. This means that the other Apple devices can be tracked with the help of the U1 chip. This information can be used for media controls, door locks and interacting with other smart home devices. Now that we have learnt how the HomePod can be used, below are the prices.

HomePod Mini Price And Availability

The HomePod mini just like every Apple product will be available all around the world. This means that every country will have its own price points. The HomePod Mini will be available at Rs. 9,900. While in the US, it is priced at $99 (roughly Rs. 7,300). Would we say its cheaper to get it from the US just in case you have someone travelling or someone not willing to apply courier charges? Yes.  HomePod Mini is retailed at less than half of the price of HomePod, however, it the cost is still twice as high as the Google Nest Mini as well as Echo Dot.


The HomePod is available in two colour options— White and Space Grey. HomePod echo will be available for preorder in multiple countries. People wishing to buy this device can pre-order starting from November 6th. The pre-order will be available for India and multiple other countries. These include the USA, Canada, France, and Germany. However, sales are set to begin from November 16.

HomePod Mini Specifications And Features

This device is powered by the Apple S5 processor, which is also found in Apple Watch series 5. The Ultra WideBand support is enabled by a U1 chip. The U1 chip will help the device to accurately track the distance between another device with U1 chip. Devices with U1 chip include iPhones and Apple Watches. This (distance) information is used in order to set the brightness, volume, media controls, door locks and much more. The U1 chip can also help notify when the phone has been taken out of the house. The purpose of Ultra WideBand technology and U1 is that in the future Apple is looking forward to providing wider HomeKit support and improved functionality.

There is also an addition of a new feature called Intercom. This allows HomePod users to send messages from one unit to another within a house. It can also work with an iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch, and even car with CarPlay.

Requests to Siri are not associated with an Apple ID, and the company promises to use strong encryption to protect users’ privacy.

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