Intel Suggests China Has Been Helping Pakistan Set up Missile Systems

Sources Suggest China Aiding Pakistan set up Missile systems in POK


In a highly controversial region in northern Ladakh, sources have suggested that China has been aiding Pakistan setup missile systems. China and Pakistan have an ever-growing strategic partnership with each other. This allows them both to deal with pressure within the subcontinent. It helps them navigate through many similar challenges. One of these being India and its dominance in the region.

Indian agency RAW reported the PLA and the Pakistani army have set up SAM missiles. SAM missiles are surface to air missiles. They are very popular. TYhey are preferred by and like by a lot of the international countries. It was suggested that many Pakistani workers and PLA troops were seen working at the construction site. Sources suggest that numbers cross well over 150.

The subcontinent has always been dominated by India. However, China is seeking to increase its area of influence by making partnerships in the region. These include a very close relationship with Pakistan and growing relations with Nepal and Sri Lanka. Recently Nepal had passed a controversial amendment in their map which seemed to have been taken from Communist China. Along with this Nepal-China ties were strengthened with the building of a port in southern Sri Lanka. These developments have led to India increasing its defense systems.

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