Due To Social Media, A 15 Year Old Influencer Has The Power To Reach As Many People As A Newspaper Can! But That Is Without Any Of The Responsibility

In The Social Dilemma (a movie/documentry) kickstarted the very important and the much needed conversation on social media’s harmful effects on society. It is no secret that children (pre-teen and early teens) have their own Instagram accounts with 30 thousand + followers. In this documentary, Tristan Harris not only pulled out some of his neat coin tricks but also enlightened the parents on with some chilling insights. Tristian Harris gave us insights as to what happens as well as how we, as users are being manipulated by BigTech.

Who Is Tristan Harris?

Tristan Harris is an American ethicist, computer scientist, and businessperson. He earlier was an executive for Google. However, he currently is President and Co-founder of Centre Of Humane Technology. He received his etchics of human persuasion degree from Stanford. Tristan told Rohit Saran and Neelam Raj a few things he wished from this documentary. The thing that sood out the most was he hopes the documentary will be a much-needed pause button that will give us time to think before we mindlessly click.

The documentary (The Social Dilemma) is a huge hit all round the world. Especially India. This was because the documentary showed big tech industry insiders confess to the things they’ve done, as well as the damage they’ve caused. Albeit unknowingly, this has made people sit up and take notice.

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What Was Tristan’s Response When He Learnt The The Documentry Was Briefly No. 1 in India?

Triastan was surprised, to say the least when he learnt that the documentary managed to be no. 1 in India. He was also excited at the same time. He expected this documentary to be a global spring just like ‘An Inconvinient Truth’ moment for the tech industry.

An Inconvienet Truth was an Oscar winning documentary. The documentary was about tgs global existential threat of climate change. Much like the documentary An Inconvinient Truth, as well as the climate change. This documentary is based on a completely different level of extractive economy. It doesn’t extract oil from the ground, instead it does its job, which is to extract attention of a very fragile minds as wellas fabricated minds. A extractive economy is built on commodifying, depleting and extracting from our minds and strip-mining cognition. If the world expects not to get any climate change or digital fallout, it is time for them to wake up and work towards something that is worth it. At the end of the day, Tristan Harris was glad that the documentary was well received in India.

The Social Dilemma Reviews And The Trailer

Its no secret that after watching a documentary like this, and outing the tech industry, people are going to have mixed reviews. Most of the reviews are positive. However, not many people are able to learn something from a documentary like this. Here is an example of person who allegedly has deactivated his push notifications.

Trailer For The Social Dilemma

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