Apple iPhone 12 Launching Today: Four iPhone Models In Line

Apple will disclose its iPhone 12 series at today’s blastoff circumstance, along with a modern AirPods Studio statement and HomePod Mini, as speculated

 Apple will host its “Hi-Speed” liftoff incident today where it is wanted to declare openly the highly foreseen iPhone 12 sequel. The iPhone 12 sequel remembers lengthy existed anticipated since the September blastoff circumstance that barely saw two modern iPads and Apple Watch. Today’s incident is furthermore wanted to give rise to some statements on the rumoured AirPods Studio over-ear headphones, HomePod Mini, and AirTags.

Different previous years, the COVID-19 pandemic remembers oversaw Apple clasp an online takeoff occurrence just, identical to the WWDC and September incidents. You can catch the live stream of the incident in India at 10:30 pm on Apple’s YouTube channel. Of course, you can maintain a stare here for all the updates and liftoffs Apple declares tonight. The important reveal will appear in the aspect of the iPhone 12 sequel.


Although Apple hasn’t demonstrated officially, assumptions encircling the liftoff incident indication at the iPhone 12 sequel unveiling. The iPhone 12 sequel is announced to be the hugest increase to the iPhone lineup since the iPhone X from 2017. Distant from adequately cameras and 5G connectivity, Apple is declaring openly four new iPhone prototypes this duration.

Comparable to the previous year, there will be an iPhone 12 along with an iPhone 12 Pro and iPhone 12 Pro Max. Appreciate the Pro models, the iPhone 12 will presently utilize an OLED display rather of Liquid Retina LCD. The iPhone 12 Pro itself will discern an increase to a 6.1-inch show rather of the 5.8-inch display. All the fresh models will accentuate steady perimeters, barely like the iPad Pro sequel. 

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