Trump To Resume His Campaign Rallies Despite The Situation!

It recently came to light that pence and members of trump’s family will start traveling again and doing in-person events, despite the coronavirus outrage. The president will host one event at the White House on Saturday and then resume his trademark rallies with an event in battleground Florida two days later.  Trump plans to hold the event from the balcony of the white house on Saturday, according to USA TODAY, many people are expected to attend the event. Also, everyone in the event is required to wear masks. It was said that this event is planned to be conducted in a “law and order” theme.

The president will then travel to central Florida, where he expects to see a lot of supporters and lift his hopes of winning the second term. They also clarified that the attendees will be given a temperature check, masks that they will be encouraged to wear, and access to hand sanitizer.

Apparently, Trump has refused to participate in the second debate against Joe Biden after it switched to a virtual contest due to his illness. Though the final debate is still set to take place on 22nd October.

“I feel really strong,” said Trump in his last interview with fox news. He also informed that he has stopped taking medications to combat his illness. But the question is, is it still contagious?

Around 11 people who attended a White House event on Sept. 26 where Trump announced his nomination of Amy Coney Barrett to the Supreme Court have since tested positive.

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After this, Joe gave a sharp opinion on Trump’s decision to resume campaigns. His reckless personal conduct since his diagnosis, the destabilizing effect it’s having on our government is unconscionable. He didn’t take the necessary precautions to protect himself or others. And the longer Donald Trump is president, the more reckless he gets,” said Biden, who gave the entire speech wearing a surgical mask and his signature aviator sunglasses.

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