The new version of Android 11 is released and here are the updates (updated on Oct 5)

About Android 11 

The stable automaton 11 updates is finally here for choose devices. Google formally discharged the OS nowadays and is rolling it resolute its component phones. The search big is joined by OnePlus, Xiaomi, Oppo, and Realme this year, all of that square measure cathartic the update for some of its phones on day one.

But what concerning alternative handsets from firms like Samsung, Sony, and LG that models can get the automaton 11 update and when?  Whereas most makers haven’t proclaimed they’re unleash schedules nonetheless, we are able to get a decent plan of what to expect by watching how briskly they shipped out previous versions of automation.

Asus automaton 11 update

Asus was astonishingly quick with change its flagship Zenfone half-dozen smartphone with automaton ten, cathartic the update simply 2 months when the OS created its debut. therefore if the timeframe doesn’t modification this year, the corporate ought to ship out the primary stable automaton 11 updates someday in Nov for the Zenfone seven series.

Google automaton 11 update

Google is rolling out automaton 11 to any or all of its component phones, apart from the initial component and component XL that were discharged manner back in 2016. This was expected since Google solely guarantees 3 major OS updates for every component phone.

Android 11 has currently finally been discharged for the component phones in Bharat. The rollout comes when Google at the start delayed the update in Bharat by per week.

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HTC automaton 11 update

HTC and package updates don’t go nice along. though the corporate doesn’t have loads of phones in its lineup, it’s quite slow once it involves shipping out the most recent versions of automaton.

The company discharged the primary automaton ten update back in March, six months when the OS was proclaimed. we tend to don’t have any reason to suppose something can modification with automaton 11, therefore if you’ve got Associate in Nursing HTC phone, you’re sure await.

Huawei automaton 11 update

The situation with Huawei may be a bit tough due to the US trade ban that stops the corporate from victimization Google services. loads of Huawei phones can get automaton 11, however, a number of them can come back while not the Play Store, Gmail, and also the remainder of Google apps.

These square measure phones just like the P40 professional, that shipped while not these apps within the 1st place. Older phones just like the P30 ought to additionally get the most recent automaton, however, they ought to keep access to Google’s apps and services that were on the phone at launch. It’s an analogous scenario for recent phones from Huawei’s sub-brand, Honor, which can update its own Magic UI skin with automaton 11 at some purpose.

Based on Huawei’s chronicle, we are able to expect the primary stable update of its EMUI skin with automaton 11 to be discharged around 2 months when the initial launch. Huawei sometimes discharged its updates in China 1st, with a world unleash following shortly when.

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LG automaton 11 update

Based on the company’s chronicle, the primary LG phones square measure expected to induce automaton 11 in December. These devices can seemingly be the LG V60 and G8. Others ought to follow comparatively shortly.

Keep in mind that the corporate usually releases package updates in its home country of Republic of Korea 1st, before increasing them to alternative markets. this implies that, reckoning on wherever you reside, you will have to be compelled to wait even longer (a month or so) to require automaton 11 for a spin on your LG device.

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