The Favorite Game of Twitch Streamers, League of Legends

Although Leagues of Legends was launched on 27th October 2009. It is still played by many Gamers on their YouTube streams too. The game is available on Microsoft Windows Mac OS and classic Mac OS. But soon it will also be available on the Play Store and Apple store for smartphone gamers. Once in 2017 it was the most famous game of the year and generated its developer company, Riot games revenue of $ 2.1 billion. Riot games have passed many famous games like League of Legends, for example, the Valiant game released this year only. League of Legends and online 5 players multiplayer game is also famous on YouTube for streams.

Inside the Game:

In this game, two teams are divided into red and blue. In a single team there consists of Minions and champions. Minions arts game made players which are controlled by the computer although the character you play is the champions. Every champion has a special ability different from each other. The objective of both teams is to destroy the Nexus, but before that, we have to destroy tower-shaped Guardians called Turrets, Both teams have five Turrets on their side, These Turrets can be classified as outer Turret, inner turret and inhibitor turret, other than these two turrets are also guarding the Nexus.

The only goal of champions or say, online players, is to destroy all these turrets and the Nexus to win. There is another part in the games called the jungle where numerous creatures live which only attacks the champions, after killing these Monsters give us an element called buff which helps in increasing health on attack damage, They are not a part of the game but they help the player to increase their level. Even if now the game is not played much nowadays, it will remain a legendary game for years.

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