Now you have more voice control over third party apps with Google Assistant

Google Assistant now lets you directly interact and integrate with third-party apps on your Android phones. Now you can search for apps or roll out voice commands to the Assistant to perform typical tasks like sending messages or customizing your shopping cart.

Till now, you could only use voice commands for opening the apps using Assistant. But now, you can even search within the apps you have installed on your Android smartphone via Google Assistant. To make tasks more easier, Google is trying out something that directly links out to everyday tasks within the app with voice commands. Just use the legendary ‘Hey Google’ command and be on your way.

Earlier, the access and control to third party apps via Assistant was very restricted to limited tasks. However, thanks to this new feature, now interacting with third party apps installed on your phone will become much easier.

Interact with third party apps with ease



You can give a variety of commands to the Assistant and it will fulfil it for you.

For example, you can say “Hey Google, find me a Party Mix from Spotify”, or “Hey Google, send a message to Raquel on Discord”.

These are just examples. You basically interact much more with third party apps using the Google Asssitant.

You can create custom shortcuts too

Additionally, users can also create custom shortcuts for a few important actions or commands that they wish activate instead of giving voice commands constantly. If you think about it, frequently giving voice commands is really tiresome and can sometimes annoy you.

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Instead of repeatedly asking Google to tighten your shoes with Nike Adapt, you can simply add a shortcut saying, “Hey Google, lace it”. If you want to view which apps have shortcuts, just say “Hey Google, my shortcuts”. That’s it. It will show you all the apps that have shortcuts and that allow you to trigger certain commands.

Siri has the upper hand over Google Assistant

These commands are available on iPhone also. Here, Siri can open third party apps and also create and respond to shortcuts. But actually, Siri has the upper hand when it comes to shortcuts when compared to the Google Assistant.

Reportedly, over more than 30 of the top apps in the Google Play Store will enable you to do more by just using your voice. Some of those apps are Facebook, Twitter, Discord, Spotify, Instagram, TikTok, Snapchat, YouTube, Gmail, etc. More and more apps are said to be launched in the near future.

As long as the voice commands are in English, they are supported globally.




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