Roland Has Now Introduced A New TR Drum Machine

Roland Has Now Introduced A New TR Drum Machine


Roland has introduced two new drum machines in their TR- series. Amongst these, two are hardware and one is a software plug-in. Below is some of the information that has been found.

The much awaited TR-6S Rhythm Performer features a six-track sequencer and a battery-powered box that will fit in just about any space. The premium device recreates the legendary sounds of Roland drum machines like the 808, 909, 707, 606, and more. It allows users to mix and match them with preset and custom samples and futuristic FM tones.

The other product is TR-06 Drumatix it is the modernized update to the Roland TR-606 Drumatix. It allows users to control tuning, decay, and pan, and includes advanced features like sub-steps for ratcheted parts, step-loop for instant pattern slicing, and more. It’s new drum machine incorporates a USB audio interface, and features battery operation and a built-in speaker for easy on-the-go production

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