Now Avilable Is A Year Of PlayStation Plus For $34 With Exclusive Promo Code

Now Avilable Is A Year Of PlayStation Plus For $34 With Exclusive Promo Code


PlayStation Plus provides us with access to online multiplayer and free games each and every month. Soon, PS5 owners will be able to access a library of backward-compatible, PS4 games as part of their PS Plus membership. If you’ve been looking to stock up on your subscription, the Daily Steals has a great deal on 12-month PlayStation Plus subscriptions. You can snatch a year-long subscription for only $33.49 with an exclusive promo code. The exclusive promo code is GAMESPOTPSN.

This promotion is however only available in North America. Daily Steals delivers the 12-month PS Plus subscription via your mail. Once you place your order, you’ll soon receive a confirmation via email. After this your code should be sent to you within the time period of one business day. Daily Steals has said it’ll appear as your tracking number. PlayStation Plus’s regular yearly subscription costs up to $60. This ensures you savings of nearly $27. This deal can apply to multiple 12-month codes, so you can stock up on multiple years.

12 months of PS Plus

$33.49 with promo code GAMESPOTPSN

This month’s PlayStation Plus offerings will also include the action-RPG Vampyr. Along with this the racing game Need for Speed Payback. These titles will remain available to claim throughout October.



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