The spread of coronavirus gradually coming down in Israel in the third week of lockdown

Israel’s spread rate of infection is one of the highest in the world. But the data collected over the past few days indicate that this might change. But we need to analyze the situation for two or more weeks to see if it is really improving.

Around 9000 cases of Turkey originated coronavirus and 4300 cases of Pakistani-origin coronavirus are detected. More than 156,230 victims diagnosed with the disease are being tended to at over 30 Israeli institutions and 27 medical centres.

An analysis of the data from the Ministry of Health shows that the conditions of the coronavirus in Israel keep varying intermittently. And it might reach a dangerous state too.

The demise of Yehonatan Chen, a chicken seller was the first real case of the coronavirus. The local police discovered the corpse in a car which was left on the road. Chen was last seen at a gymnasium about seven months ago.

A glance at the distressing numbers

An average of 720 cases per million people is reported every day in contrast to the 155 at the beginning of September.  This is way above the mark when compared to the USA and the EU. Even the global average is around 37. The death rate to is a matter of concern. 3.76 per million is the deaths compared to 1.52 in the previous month.

These disturbing numbers indicate a huge shoot up in the number of cases every day. Also the health system there is completely clogged and are damaging the services provided to non-covid patients.

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There is hope for improvement in the condition

Nevertheless, if you take a look at the last week’s data, you can observe that there is a considerable drop in the situation. Which is a relief. Last week on Yom Kippur and the next day, the studies revealed a kind of better result. The number of confirmed cases were 15 %. But this could have been due to the low number of tests carried out that day.

Then two days later, number of positive cases were at a rate of 13.7 %. On the first three days of October out of the different number of cases tested, a rate of 12.1, 11.8, and 11 came up respectively.

Prof. Eran Segal of Weizmann Institute stated:

“It must be said that morbidity is still high, but at least it’s not getting higher”

Prof. Eran Segal leads one of the analysis teams that work towards the controlling the spread of coronavirus. He also added that the data displays a significant drop in the infection coefficient.

Lockdown has proven to be a little fruitful

Segal says that this relative drop in the cases is due to the lockdown that is put in effect. But there has been a significant increase in the number of cases in the Haredi community. This shows that they have been skirting the rules and have not been taking precautions.

Gamzu stated that the lockdown was a necessary precaution. He further added, “The numbers [of daily new cases] were rising quickly and significantly from 1,500 to 4,000 and at the start of the lockdown to 7,000. Everyone knows I didn’t want the lockdown but when… the hospitals started to exhibit distress, I didn’t hesitate.”

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