BYUtv to Acquire all Rights to Air TV Series ‘The Chosen”

“The Chosen” is a popular series among many people around the world. This series also holds some sentiments of religious people. As it revolves around the life events of Jesus Christ. And the rights of the first two channels for broadcast and video on demand has been acquired by BYUtv. 

It was announced on Thursday that BYUtv will be the channel which will Air “The Chosen” from Sunday, October 4th. The first three episodes of the first season will Air together on Sunday. The food episode will be seen in subsequent time. And after that from episode 528 will be seen on a weekly basis on Sundays starting from October 11th. 

Details of the show:

The choosing is directed and written by Dallas Jenkins. And back in 2017 The Pilot episode of “The Chosen” which was produced on a low budget generated more than 10 million dollars. This was reported by the Deseret News which was one of the largest crowdfunded media projects. As it has been treated by Jenkins he wants the series “The Chosen” to stand out from all the past descriptions of Christ as we know today. Through the closest perceptions of Jesus in this series, we can see him as a savior, a compassionate man with a good sense of humor. The first season of the series was released in 2019 and it was seen on VidAngel and similar streaming platforms. 

The second season was filmed in Utah where replica was built similar to Jerusalem and adapted from the scenes of the Bible. And Jenkins called this “the most extraordinary set he had ever seen.”

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