Best deal to get Cyberpunk 2077 and Other 5 Witcher Games for $88

Ahead of a second delete this year from the original launch date that was previously announced to be 16th April. November 19 is finally decided on the date for the introduction of cyberpunk 2077. There has been a little bit of controversy around the launch as the development Studio requires more time. For now, there won’t be any further delays for the launch of the game. And another point to be noted is that GOG.com has a running bundle that is is available to provide the game cyberpunk 2077 pre-order or any other witcher game for $87.77. 

Most of the people around the world are familiar only with the three Witcher games. But in reality, there are exactly 5. Along with the well known and very popular Witcher part 1 part 2 and part 3. The deal on GOG.com also includes the Witcher adventure game and the Thronebreaker: Witcher tales. The witcher adventure game is actually a digital adaptation of the witcher board game made by CD Projekt Red. And The Throne breaker is a single-player game based on the RPG model and also free to play multiplayer games. 

Hence according to the deal in GOG, you are actually paying $60 for a copy of Cyberpunk 2077, and all the other collection of Witcher games are given at $27.77. This whole deal actually seems to be a pretty nice bargain. And it is not the first time when GOG has offered such kind of deal it is just a repeat offer that is continued since June. Also, this offer is a limited time period offer. 

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So if any user is dead set to buy the upcoming cyberpunk 2077 GOG offer some nice deal. 

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