What’s In Store This Week: GTA Cars! know more offers now

What makes GTA special, is the badass car line-up and the adventures on los Angeles streets. The game developers are always up with something new, something more interesting and never fail to amaze us. And, of course, there’s always a chance to take home some wickedly badass vehicle with a spin of the Lucky Wheel. Let’s see what’s in store this week!

For those who love mission vehicles, they can leverage a sweet 40% off of the Ramp Buggy, Blazer Aqua, and the Phantom Wedge. Business Battles in Freemode are additionally managing 2X GTA$ and RP throughout the week. The individuals who figure out how to win an Event Cargo Business Battle will likewise score a selective Claim What’s Yours shirt to flaunt their ability.Yet another approach to win 2X GTA$ and RP is found in the Diamond Adversary Series. Players need to make a beeline for The Diamond Casino and Resort to “dole out their retributions and obligations”. Doing so nets Double GTA$ and RP.

The next time players are  at The Diamond Casino and Resort, they can make a trip for a turn of the Lucky Wheel to win GTA$, RP, or “a wide range of puzzle prizes”. The most fortunate among them may even bring home the Coil Brawler, a rough terrain vehicle with a lot of muscle.

Almost Every week, the developers come up with an array of interesting ways for players to score some big GTA$ and RP as well as deep discounts on vehicles and other in-game gear.

Also, look for big discounts on Executive Offices, Executive Office Customizations, Vehicle Warehouses, and Vehicles. Prime Members will want to check for their free gifts too.

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