The TiVo Stream 4k: All You Need To Know!

The latest TiVo stream 4k brings a whole new concept along with enhanced services. Instead of recording movies and TV shows, it allows the users to watch online content directly from services such as Netflix, Hulu, and Amazon Prime.

The tivo stream 4k is clearly an upgrade and a break from the old streaming devices. When checking our available options, we see that Roku and Amazon fire TV make the best affordable streaming devices, but both still lack support for two of the biggest new services,HBO Max and Peacock. But when we enter the TiVo 4k stream , it comes with those options and many more at an affordable price. Rather than serving up a big list of apps to launch, it makes our work easier and funnels programming from several popular apps into one big TV guide, so that we don’t have to bounce aimlessly between sources.


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The TiVo Stream 4K is a credit-card-size widget with an integrated HDMI connector and is designed to hang out of sight behind your TV.  It has got a bold look Unlike most adapters of its type- a big TiVo logo on the front and a distinctive wedge shape like a miniature edge DVR.

The device runs on Google’s Android TV platform, and inside there’s a quad-core Amlogic S905Y2 processor, 2GB of RAM, 8GB of storage, and Wi-Fi 5 connectivity. These are typical tech specs for a low-price Android TV streamer, and I didn’t run into any issues scrolling through menus or moving in and out of apps. Plus, it has also got a really decent looking remote.

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When you first set up the TiVo Stream, it presents several pairs of movies and TV shows, asking you to pick the ones you like best. These picks help form the basis for recommendations in TiVo’s main menu, which you can access by pressing the big silver TiVo button on the remote. From here, you can also add shows to a watch list, view a list of recently watched programs, or browse by genre. There are sub-menus for TV shows, movies, sports, and children’s programming as well.


To conclude, it is an upgraded version of all streaming services.The Stream app is a commendable attempt at unifying different streaming apps. Therefore, it is worth a try if you are a fan of multiple streaming options.

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