Pre-Order Opens for Microsoft Surface Laptop GO and it starts with a competitive price range of $999

Microsoft has set an example for the smartphone making companies. Just to remind the people how expensive smartphone nowadays has become. Microsoft has launched its latest surface laptop for under $1000. Which is about half of the price of the latest smartphones in the market. Microsoft Surface laptop go is by far the cheapest laptop in the range of the surface series. How was the cheap price of the laptop has not been a result of many compromisations that the manufacturer has done. 

Deep specifications:

The basic specs of the laptop are a 12.4-inch touch screen with Quad-Core Intel i5 processor of 10th generation and battery life up to 13 hours is claimed. And the machine has a 1.11 kg weight with a thickness of only 1.57 cm which goes down your bag.

This places this laptop stiff competition with its Apple counterpart the MacBook Air. Yet this laptop is thinner and lighter than the Apple counterpart MacBook Air. The MacBook Air starting from $1599 which has its specs similar to some higher versions of surface laptop go and still the surface laptop is $50 cheaper. 

The 2020 year has drawn light upon the topics which were mainly neglected in laptop manufacturing. Now the main focus is guided towards better video conferencing capabilities in the laptop. Hence the surface laptop go provides 720 pixels camera with Microsoft Studio microphone especially for video conferencing. Along with this the latest features are packed in the laptop with a fingerprint scanner and the one-touch login capability. 

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However, one area of concern in this device is the relatively low storage and low storage capacity, especially in the entry-level device. The entry-level device of surface laptop go has 4GB of Ram and 64GB storage. And about a quarter of that storage is used by the operating Windows system about 15 GB. Since the user is left with quite less amount of storage space. 

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