The Home Depot Has The New Google Chromecast! But It Hasn’t Been Announced Yet?

Home Depot has this device up for a retail price of $49.99, two days before it’s launch! The release of this device was scheduled for this Wednesday during the Google Pixel 5 event. However, some of the companies their new gadgets are already appearing on shelves. These new gadgets include the all-new Google Chromecast, which hasn’t even launched to the public just yet! There are some savvy buyers which have already gotten their hands all over these from direct retailers like Walmart and Home Depot over the course of the week.

It can be confirmed that the stores are not stopping customers from buying and taking this device home. “The Verge” has bought a device, and can confirm the same. However, according to Nick Statt, a writer on “The Verge” mentioned that not all stores seem to be selling it. The Verge had checked out two stores in order to find the unlaunched Google Chromecast and was only able to find it in the second store. Another piece of information that “The Verge” has revealed is that: Inputting the universal product code listed on the receipt into the retailer’s website returns no results. Therefore it appears one can only purchase it early, in person.

Another clue that reveals that the Chromecast is being sold ahead of schedule is that the receipt did not mention Chromecast in any way shape or form. Instead, it was billed as “SABRINA-ABBEY ROCK CANDY,” which, reportedly is the hardware’s codename.


Due to the product being sold ahead of its launch date, there were bound to leak. A ton of them. Just like expected, there are. Here are the leaks that we’ve gathered from Reddit and other corners of the worldwide web.

  • Retails for $49.99.
  • Has an oval design
  • It is Google’s Chromecast with a dedicated remote for the very first time.
  • The codename is truly “Sabrina,” as early leaks suggest because it’s printed on the receipt itself. (in full as Sabrina-Abbey, although it’s unknown exactly what Abbey means or what it may be referencing to)
  • Comes in a white finish that Google calls “Snow.” Pretty cool name.
  • Runs a rebranded version of Android TV called Google TV. This is not to be confused with Google’s other defunct smart TV platform, which has the same name but was released 10 years ago.
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Soon, there will be more information from us after the Google Pixel 5 event. So far, these are all the leaks and the information we have from our multiple sources. The new speaker will be announced on the Wednesday, September 30th, at 2 PM ET. It will be announced alongside other new products, including a speaker from Nest.

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