Peackock is getting all 45 seasons of Saturday Night Live

All SNL fans need to be subscribed to Peacock. Since all 45 seasons of Saturday night live are coming to Peacock from October 1.

This is happening for the first time that the entire library of SNL is going to be available on a streaming platform. Many platforms have had few episodes of SNL in the past. But certainly not all the seasons. There was a short-lived SNL app. Hulu had a few seasons. And Yahoo had some behind the scenes footage and unreleased sketches.

SNL is very important for Peacock

Having Saturday Night Live might prove to be the trump card for peacock. Tons of people love SNL. And according to NBCUniversal, SNL is among the most-watched shows. So, having the entire library will bring in subscribers at a great speed.

We have no idea as to why it took so long to get all the seasons at Peacock. There were few available at launch though. And those were among the most-watched stuff on Peacock. So, I guess they didn’t have all the seasons due to licensing costs and issues like it.

However, this couldn’t be a better time to get all the seasons. Since the 46th season of SNL is going to start soon. It will have Chris Rock as the host. And also, the recent deal with Roku, now allows Roku users to stream Peacock on all Roku devices.


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