Lufthansa Cancels Indian Flights till October 20th

German Airline Lufthansa Cancels All Indian Flights 

Theres been a recent fallout between Indian authorities and Lufthansa. Being a major airline Lufthansa has been making trips for and to India for a long time. The reason stated behind the cancellation of trips by Lufthansa is rather strange. Lufthansa claims that there’s been a sudden cancellation of its schedule by Indian authorities. This will adversely impact the image of both India and Lufthansa.

Lufthansa has been seriously urging Indian authorities to work with them. As such incidents cause serious problems. Such incidents make people question the legitimacy of the airlines. Such incidents also lead to a bad perciviation of the airline. Lufthansa had made provisions and agreements with the Indian government for special flight till the end of September. The special status was required as India has not had an agreement with the German government.

Thsi decision will create nuisance for people. The October schedule for the company has been severely disrupted by the lack of flights till 20th. However both Lufthansa and Indian authorities are hopefully regarding restarting flights after the 20th of October. Many people and travellers are being severely hit by this. Hence its important that such situations do not continually take place.

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