Hasbro Wants To Add Escape Pod To The Mandalorian $350 Razor Crest; What Toys Have Been Crowdfunded Previously?

Over the weekend, the Star Wars Vintage Collection ship blew past its crowdfunding goal. It is now headed to its first stretch goal. The $350 Razor Crest from The Mandalorian is blasting into Hasbro’s Vintage Collection. Right after Mando’s badass ship met its 6,000-backer goal on Hasbro Pulse crowdsourcing platform HasLab over the weekend. It grew super close to its first stretch goal on Tuesday. For all the collectors out there who’ve been holding on to their hats for some good news, here is the news. If the ship gets 8,000 backers, the toy company will add an escape pod accessory. As of Tuesday, the ship was only 300 backers away. The next goal is 10,000 backers.

Hasbro’s Previously Crowdfunded Toys

This isn’t the first time Hasbro has launched crowdfunded toys. Some of their previous crowdfunded toys include:

  • The largest Transformer figure, ever. This is their largest crowdfunded toy till date.
  • a super-sized Marvel Legends Sentinel
  • The revival of a 1980s board game HeroQuest.

The funding for the Razor Crest will continue until November 9th. This date was specifically chosen because it is less than two weeks after season 2 of The Mandalorian. Which is set to air on Disney Plus. Clever timing, Hasbro. Very clever.

Star Wars Vintage Collection crowdfunds The Mandalorian’s Razor Crest

So far all the information about the Razor Crest is that it will be 30 inches tall (includes main canons), 20 inches wide, and 10.5 inches tall when sitting on its landing gear. The buyers will get a pilot, which will be of 3.75-inches. Mando will be in his shiny Beskar armour, with a soft goods cape that’ll let him sit down in his ship.

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Like most (if not all) Starwar toy ships, the cockpit opens all the way to exhibit a fully detailed interior. This particular Starwars ship is said to have three seats that are meant to fit Vintage Collection figures. However, Hasbro hasn’t revealed a teeny-tiny Vintage Collection Baby Yoda yet. Yet, it’s only a matter of time till they do. After all, this ship needs a little green passenger, and putting in regular Yoda just wouldn’t be canon.

During the shows first episode, last year, some of you might have noticed a fully stocked weapon locker and a carbon freezing chamber. These things will also be found in the Hasbro’s version, along with the bunk area Baby Yoda hid in. In case you need to watch the trailer to jog your memory, watch it here.

So far we haven’t seen any of Mando or his passengers use the escape pod. but the opening shot of the season 2 trailer suggests we might see that very soon. The pod itself resembles a creepy coffin. Very much like the one Rey used to travel from the Millennium Falcon to the First Order flagship Supremacy in The Last Jedi.

What Brings The Vintage Collection Toy to Life.

The Vintage Collection Razor Crest also has detachable engines and removable hull panels. This is done so the buyer can remove and recreate the moment when Jawas pulled the ship apart. The ramp can be lowered as well as the rear and side doors also open so that the interior can be showed off while being displayed. The landing gear can also be removed. So just in case you want to, you can pretend it’s flying around your room as you make Star Wars engine sound effects.

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