GroupWatch: An interesting feature of Disney Plus to be available in the US

Disney Plus has now rolled out a pretty interesting and exciting feature, GroupWatch. It shall be available to the subscribers in the US after the testing is finished in other countries this month.

Like the watch party function of Amazon Prime Video, GroupWatch also shall allow certain number of people to have a private viewing party with friends and family.

Can work across any device available

The company says that GroupWatch shall allow seven subscribers to watch a movie or any title at a time. Previously, the feature was being tested in Canada. Now it shall be available across the US for web, smart TVs, mobiles, and connected TV devices like Roku or Amazon Fire TV. It will work across any device without any necessity for any other third party device or app.

You can use emojis to react

Such an experience should always be interactive, enjoyable, and lively right? Well the company says that GroupWatch will grant the ability to the users to react using emoticons. There shall be six different emojis (like sad, funny, etc.). The lack of the chat aspect is kind of a drawback, but the Sr. VP of the company says that chat feature too might come up in the near future. All the persons in the group, have the ability to control playback controls for the whole team.

However, Disney Plus is not the first company to introduce such an exciting feature like GroupWatch.

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The senior vice president of Disney Plus, Jerrell B Jimerson said:

“In this moment, when many are still apart from their friends and family, GroupWatch offers a way to safely connect virtually by co-viewing.”

The rising demand for such features

Like the Amazon Prime Video’s watch party function, there are many third-party extensions like The Scener. The latter allows people to connect their HBO, Netflix, Disney Plus, and other subscriptions so that you can watch them together with your friends and family.

There was a shoot up in the usage of The Scener during the past few months. The reason is people cooped up inside for way too long so they turned to these tools to connect with their friends.

Now, Disney Plus will have such a feature of its own like this, just for you to have a memorable experience. The feature shall be unveiled in the European countries during sometime in fall.

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