WandaVision: Will Scarlet Witch Become a Villain in MCU

The first trailer of WandaVision is at last out. And there have been many theories going around regarding who is the villain.

Marvel Studios has finally launched the trailer of the forthcoming Disney+ series after months of waiting. The show stars Elizabeth Olsen and Paul Bethany. Following the Infinty Saga, the star-crossed lovers are reunited. All we can say from what has been released so far is that the pair appears to be living a happy married life. The only tweak might be is that Vision might actually not be alive.

WandaVision is set to inaugurate the line of Disney+ projects line by Marvel Studios. Actually, The Falcon and The Winter Soldier was meant to kick off Kevin Feige and his team’s activities. But, because of the COVID-19 global pandemic, caused many complications in the production timetable. As a result, the schedule was reshuffled.

It seems that the upcoming Disney+ series will completely be siloed and different from what the Marvel Studios has done till now.

The Scarlet Witch might be the baddie

WandaVision shall be inspired by classic sitcoms, which is different from the usual comic book narrative adaption. Although the new life of Wanda and Vision appears to be all happy and trippy, it seems like it shall not be that way. In other words, it is not as perfect and happy as it looks so. Furthermore, this might have something to do with Scarlet Witch, making her the villain of the show.

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The opening of the WandaVision highlights the typical husband-wife lifestyle. They do the usual activities like inviting the neighbours over. Wanda is a housewife whereas Vision works for a living. Their life totally fits the black and wife era. The clip progresses through many eras. This continuous change can be a huge sign that whatever is happening in the pair’s world is not real.

Wanda transformed the reality

Many times it is kind of implied that Wanda is behind this façade. In the comics, Wanda can easily alter the reality. It is proved in the storyline of House of M. It is unclear as to if she created an alternate dimension or she transformed the existing one into her likes. In simple words, she is basically keeping Vision trapped under an illusion that they are leading a happy life.

However, if we observe closely, Vision seems satisfied with how he and Wanda are living. But he appears to not have any understanding of whatever is happening around him.

It is possible that Wanda somehow found a way to recreate her lover’s body from what remains in Wakanda.

Let it be anything. It is clear that there are a few segments of his past that he is unaware of. And, Wanda does not want him to know.

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