Now you can Netflix & Chill via Amazon Echo: Read more here

Amazon’s smart speaker with a 10 inch display, Amazon Echo Show can now support Netflix streaming. The latter will be the third streaming service supported by Echo. The first two platforms are Amazon Prime Video and Hulu.

This piece of news was revealed at the annual Echo event by Amazon, where many of Amazon’s products and services were launched.

Besides, the company also launched a fresh line-up of Echo devices, a brand-new Amazon Fire TV Stick. It also brought many bug fixes and improvements to Alexa virtual assistant and many more innovative services.

Stream Netflix via voice commands

The multi-national company says that you can search for and start streaming Netflix, just by giving voice commands to the Echo Show.

The latest Echo Show brings together a base along with an extension arm. The 10-inch display is placed on this.

A very silent brushless motor is placed in the base, which allows the smart speaker to rotate. If you are either cooking or cleaning or doing any work while streaming Netflix, do not worry. The computer vision technology together with echolocation, the screen will move and point towards. In this way, you will not miss out a single scene too and it will always keep you in the frame. This feature is handy when you are making any video calls too. The new Echo Show also includes a 13-megapixel camera for you to make your video calls.

No worries about privacy and security

Worried about privacy breach? No problem. The new Echo Show has got that aspect covered too. You get the ability to turn off the camera. Also, it includes a feature where it includes a physical shutter to block the camera. Also, you can turn off the intelligent motion tracking feature of the device.

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What is the price?

The new Amazon Echo Show 10 has been tagged at $249.99 in the USA, but the price in India is yet to be revealed.

Now, since it has Netflix too now, you can binge-watch your away with the new Amazon Echo Show 10!



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