Wikipedia’s desktop site will have a brand-new design after 10 years: Read more

Need some information? Wikipedia has always been our go-to website. But somehow the view gives off a weird feeling, right?

That feeling is about to go away. Wikipedia’s desktop version is getting its first redesign after almost 10 years.

Wikipedia has been helping us since 20 years for now and has become our saviour whenever we need some info on any particular topic. Now our website is getting a revamp to get it eye to eye with the modern designs of the era. It also aims at improving readability to the users.

The Wikimedia Foundation, the non-profit organization that empowers the brilliant Wikipedia, stated the idea of the restructure. It also gave us some animated GIFs to better explain what the upcoming design of the website will be.

What will be the latest look of Wikipedia?

Well, it is pretty hard to guess. Currently, the Wikimedia Foundation have simply gave us a glimpse of what the changes will look like, each feature separately.

It is said that, the website will feature a collapsible navigation bar. This means that you can hide the navigation bar on the left. This allows you to avoid the clustery feel given off by it.

The second major change will be to restrain the width of the entries shown in Wikipedia. This will make the articles easy to comprehend.

You can also find a language switching bar.

These are only a few out of the major changes which will take place.

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They asserted that if everything goes according to the plan, the upcoming enhancements will be default across all wiki platforms by the end of next year, just in time for Wikipedia’s 20th Anniversary celebrations.

Purpose of the revamp

The post also mentioned that it was the need of the hour. Additionally, it was necessary to bring the desktop user interface on par with modern-day web layouts and websites. And also, to resolve the chaotically positioned navigation and interfaces easy to comprehend and access. Apparently, it is to ensure that the usage difference among the desktop version, mobile web and mobile app is on a uniform level.

Furthermore, the post said that nothing will change regarding the styling templates, map support, cross-wiki templates and the page contents’ structure.

This is what the post said:

“Elements of the interface might move around, but all navigational items and other functionality currently available by default will remain.”

Though the volunteers keep developing the site with brand new entries and content, Wikipedia has not undergone any major change over the past ten years. To aid and attract users who may have just started going online, they have planned this revamp.




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