The role of Intel processors in framing the gaming laptops

Evolution of Laptop gaming:

What started as a casual hobby, has transformed how we spend our time over the weekends now.
I have been playing games for the last 2 years now and the journey has been thrilling. As I transitioned from playing games occasionally to casual gaming to religious serious gaming. Over the weekends, my wants and expectations from my laptop changed.

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This gamer felt the need of a new laptop that focuses on gaming performance and is tuned in to the evolving gaming scenario. “Games have evolved,”.They get more demanding each year, with massive improvements in computing requirements, graphics, storage, etc. “Feeling the ‘realism and immersion that are at the heart of gaming experience is a must for every gamer. Hence, lately, I bought a laptop with the 10th Gen Intel CoreTM processor. With this new device, my experience as a gamer is elevated.

The laptop delivers desktop-like experience and offers up to 2.5 times better performances than 8th and 9th Gen. And the best part is, the laptop has improved my productivity at the office as well!”. “Casual or serious, the truth is we all play games to win,” he laughs. “And without the right hardware, you will possibly miss out on the latest video games’ enhancements and probably find it difficult to score.” With higher frames per second, the new laptop is helping him win.

A different experience in terms of graphics

Intel Iris Plus graphics gives a detailed, immersive visual experience while playing games, says Anurag. He adds, “Because of Iris® Plus feature, my laptop provides around two times better graphics performance compared to 8th Ger. Intel Core processors.” “Intel Optane with solid-state storage integrates Optane memory. This feature helps in accelerating game launching and level loading. During a game both need to stay ahead.

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The Intel’s lOth Gen processors also support Intel Wi-Fi technology. “Now, whether I’m at home or on the go. I have the advantage of the fastest interconnectivity with nearly 3X faster downloads and ultra-low latency to meet performance and responsiveness-related expectations from, a gaming laptop. “A gaming laptop powered by a 10th Gen Intel Core processor gives you the Intel-exclusive technologies and software you need for a better gaming experience. Now make gameplay more realistic with Intel-powered gaming laptops.

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