The New Apple iOS 14 Update: Everything Important!

Apple recently launched its new software, iOS 14. The new iOS, is full of features both small and large and new fancy updates. There are a lot of things we might not know about the new software. Here’s everything important and what we might find helpful going forward. These enhancements will surely enrich our experience. So let’s explore!

  • Apple finally gives the users some control over the default apps. The new software allows us to decide what we want as our default apps. For eg- we can now set outlook as our default email app.
  • Apple has also decided to change the iOS home screen. Now the users will be able to remove the apps from the home screen and even eliminate the entire screen.
  • IOS 14, completely enhances the widgets feature. The new ones will have a lot more information and a bunch of new sizes. Most importantly, they can be dragged to the home screen.
  • The new software also brings multiple improvements in the Siri interface.
  • We now also have the picture-in-picture feature, which was available only on iPad earlier. Now when we are watching any video, we can move back to the home screen and the video will continue to play.
  • Apple has now introduced a whole new class of application called app-clips. The feature allows us to use some specific apps (mini version) without having to download them.
  • Apple has also made some major changes, additions and improvements in the messaging area. That allows us to pin at least 9 conversations at a time. Also some major improvements in group conversations.
  • The new software update makes it easier for us to express ourselves, with the Memoji feature. The feature has been redefined with increased facial and hair options.
  • Apple has recently started working with a third party travel company , to add landmarks, new guide features to the maps. Therefore, making the app more accessible.
  • A number of recent changes have been noticed in the camera too. The quick video mode is now available for iPhone XR and SE as well. Much efficient and fast shot-to-shot performance.
  • FaceTime also gets a boost in its quality. It can now detect sign language and make the other person more prominent.
  • As we all know, privacy is the top most priority of Apple and is therefore taken very seriously. There have been many remarkable  improvements in that area as well.
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Scattered among all these major updates, there are some small ones too. They are equally beneficial. The new software promises to enrich our experience and make it more easier.



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