The most classic mobile games of all times: PUBG no. 1 ?


PUBG is an internet sensation now. Even an 8-year-old kid knows how to play it. This online battleground gives so real experiences to teenagers that parents believe that like any other teenager, their child is also addicted to it. You must be thinking that if this game is not so admired by parents then why is it recommended? Well! The fun part is that while you live with your parents you learn to use a gaming platform wisely. This game is said to have the most advanced features as compared to any other gaming platform. Anyone playing PUBG learns some important skills such as : 

  • Teamwork- Most of the time, it is playing with a group of teams that attacks the other group for survival.
  • Strategy building – In order to last till the end, every player has to play with a strategy that does not end up getting themselves killed.
  • Prediction – Prediction of the circle’s movement plays a major role in the game. Those who predict the movements really well, tend to survive a little longer.

The people playing PUBG also learn to share among people whatever they have. Although this game can be addictive if played in a time limit then this addiction can be avoided.

2 Most Popular Mobile Games In India 2020 - Bel-India

Candy Crush

This board game is filled with colours and candies. You can never be bored while playing Candy Crush due to the variety it offers. Most of the levels are very easy and fun that I remember my mother reaching the 200th level in a month. My father is on the 450th level which clearly shows that the game is never-ending and it serves to any age as well. There is a release of dopamine every time we win a level which is why this game is so appealing to everyone. Everyone must give it a shot if they have some time to kill.

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Subway Surfers

If your child is too young to understand PUBG and play Sudoku than Subway Surfers is the best game to keep your child busy with. It requires a lot of vigilance and compassion to have a good time playing it. The best part is that people get to break their own records. Which teaches us that the only competition you have is ‘you’. Collecting coins while dodging between trains is quite a basic concept but only a focused mind reaches a greater level in this game. This game is usually played to relax our mind as it is the work of just a finger. Therefore, feel free to play it when you are tired of studying and exercising for a long time.

Staying at home can be an arduous task to do but in order to prevent the spread of COVID-19, we have to comply with the rules of our government which says practicing social distancing at a public place and quarantine at home. These games will help you have a great juncture in your quarantine.

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