The Growth Of Subway: The Fast Food Giant! With best menu.


Subway was founded by a nuclear physicist and a college freshman in Connecticut, in 1965. Since then, subway has grown into the world’s largest restaurant chain. Today, 21,000 franchisees operate over 40,000 neighbourhood restaurants in 100 countries. The restaurants have made their own bread since the 1980s, and offer more than 37 million sandwich combinations

In 2002, Subway surpassed McDonalds and became the franchise with one of the highest number of outlets. As of 2013, Subway had yearly revenue of $9 billion from its franchise outlets in 102 countries. Currently the Subway brand owns more than 44800 outlets in more than 112 countries and has been successful ever since.


It was 1974, when subway started its business through franchise model. Around eight years later, the company had enough earnings and experience to grow from 16 stores up to 200 stores which later by 1990 was at 5,144 locations, The Company’s goal was to reach 8,000 stores by 1995. But here came the twist. Growing interest of customers strengthened the company to reach 10,000 stores, not 8,000 by 1995. The main challenge in today’s world is to get attention of the public with so many choices all around. Therefore, Subway comes up with a Fresh-Forward design as its brand’s new strategy aimed at transforming the customer experience. Trevor Haynes, vice-president of Operations with Subway, says the new Fresh-Forward design stands up on every point of the customer experience — from the design and look of the franchise locations to how customers order their meals.

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subway is a worldwide brand with a menu and cafe setting generally compatible for all through the world, even then it takes great pride in worshiping and esteeming neighborhood values , customs and top food picks , which gives it a notoriety of providing beneficial alternatives to common low quality nourishment food items . While keeping international top picks like the Turkey and Chicken Teriyaki sandwiches, Subway India likewise has sandwiches without meat or pork, settling on neighborhood veggie decisions like the Veggie Patty, Paneer Tikka (a typical South Asian curd cheddar cut in cubelets) and Aloo Patty (potato cake) as well. The food distinction is important due to various religious beliefs and strict convictions (for example Jainism and Hinduism), one of every three Indians is a veggie lover. Considering all this, Subway India continues making nearby increments like the Veggie Shammi (lentil based patty), Corn and Peas and the Green Pea Patty.



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