Sandra Bullock & Bryan Randall Secretly GOT MARRIED, or that’s what the Internet Thinks

Congratulations for Sandra Bullock could be in order. Rumours suggest that Hollywood sweetheart could be married to her boyfriend. The boyfriend in question is none other than Bryan Randall. Friends of the couple are ready to swear that the couple might be married. Honestly, what other confirmation do we need? While Bullock’s fans and admirers were going gaga over her family moments. Especially with her boyfriend Bryan Randall, no one was sure if she was considering to take the relationship to the next level.

However, a report by Closer Weekly said that the couple has tied the knot. It mentioned they have tied the knot, it was a private ceremony. By private I mean SUPER PRIVATE. It was just them and their kids.

“Sandra and Bryan should just get married already. That’s if they haven’t already,” the insider exclusively reveals to Closer. Friends of the couple say “Bryan won’t take off his wedding band because in his eyes he’s committed to the woman he loves. And he sees himself as married to Sandra.”  How much more adorable could these lovebirds get?

Why Are They Keeping Their Wedding Private?

We don’t need to be reminded of the horrid things Sandra Bullock went to when the media watched her like a hawk. Bullock has been through all the dark scrutiny of the media. She is now done with it and does not want to go through all the hazards of her relationship being in the spotlight. A source close to the couple says “she’s been down that road and knows full well of the hazards,” and now “Sandra doesn’t want the scrutiny.” 

Not only this. Sandra and Bryan have had their share of heartbreaks earlier in their life. They also have two adopted kids named, Louis and Laila. The source also continued “Of course Bryan is nothing like her ex, Jesse James, but she’s not ready to share her relationship status with the world, or many friends for that matter,” the source continued. “Sandra is happy, Bryan is her man, and she and the kids adore him. That’s all that matters to her.”

Who Is Bryan Randall?

So far all we know about this man is that he is either the husband or the boyfriend of the Bird Box actor, Sandra Bullock. Bryan Randal is a well-known photographer. He usually shoots children portraits and travel photography. Interesting enough. Seems like Sandra loved his work since the relationship took off faster than an aeroplane.

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Seems like Randall is pretty well-liked. Randall’s ex-girlfriend’s mother, Mia St. John, even had glowing things to say about him. “He is kooky, goofy — he’s so funny and very young at heart. He’s a free spirit… Bryan couldn’t care less about money… He could live off the land.” She continued, “He’s amazing with kids. He loves kids. We’re so happy for him.”

How Did These Two Meet?

People would expect celebrities to meet in a more modern way. Maybe friends setting them up with each other? However, this wasn’t the case with Bryan and Sandra. Instead, they met when Bryan was recommended to Sandra to help shoot photos of her son Louis’ birthday party.

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