John Wick 4: Is Halle Berry Returning? Release Date And More!

The show doesn’t end here. Here’s good news for all the John Wick fans. Keanu Reeves is back with yet another action sequel: John Wick 4. All the revenge, action and thrill in just three movies, wouldn’t do any justice to it. JW 3’s ending was quite open and couldn’t be left on a cliffhanger. Therefore, the sequel is officially confirmed.


The story of the movie is pretty simple. A retired assassin’s dog is killed, bringing him out of retirement. But that is no ordinary assassin: it’s John Wick, the Baba Yaga. His violence is brutal and power for revenge relentless; by the point of John Wick: Chapter three – Parabellum, he is enacting his balletic gun-fu in opposition to the might of the ruling High Table. And, it appears, that is just the start. The way chapter 3 ended, a sequel seems to be quite inevitable. There are too many possibilities as of how it may end but a happy one, isn’t one of them.


The story plot and all the casting decisions have been kept hidden as of yet. Chapter 3 was released on 17th May 2019 and so it was decided that chapter 4 will be released on May 21, 2021. Due to some date clash reason with The Matrix 4 and also some delays caused by the pandemic. The release date has now been pushed to May 27, 2022.

Stahelski, The director, in an interview tells us how the fans kept asking if he would leave the movie on a cliffhanger? Would there be a happy ending ? he also said ” Keanu and I have never, from one to two, two to three, ever expected to do a sequel or a follow-up.”

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Many characters died in the last chapter including Zero and many made it out alive. There has been no confirmed cast list out yet, but reportedly, most of the characters are likely to come back for the sequel. The core cast, Winston, Bowery King and Charon will most likely be there.


Sofia ( Halle Berry)is one of the most fun parts of John Wick 3. She’s a badass and gives the movie a more interesting angle. Sofia has two badass lethal dogs as her bodyguards and sometimes even as her weapons. She is the manager of her own hotel in Casablanca. John and Sofia are old friends, she helps him find Elder, one of the most powerful people in the assassin world.  But the question remains? Will she be back?

Hally loved working on screen, even though she broke three ribs while shooting. There’s a high possibility that she might return to help him in John Wick 4. But let’s see it!!

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